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The Nostromo

February 1, 2013

It’s worth noting that the space ship in Alien is named “The Nostromo,” almost certainly an allusion to Joseph Conrad’s novel of the same name.


It’s an open question just what point (or points) Ridely Scott and co. was (or were) trying to make by invoking Conrad’s work, and it might make a good place to think about a paper – e.g., how does Alien take up , address, and try to answer philosophical theme X in Conrad’s Nostromo?). That said, it’s worth noting that the novel involves mining, politics corrupted by wealth, a parasitic upper class, and meaningless death.

So it’s a lot of fun.

And all of these themes have some place in Alien. A serialized version of Nostromo was made for television about 15 years ago, but it doesn’t seem to be available either streaming or on DVD.

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