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The Cast of Blade Runner

February 3, 2013

Here’s the who’s who in Blade Runner:

  • Harrison Ford … Rick Deckard, Blade Runner extraordinaire
  • Rutger Hauer … Roy Batty, leader of the replicants
  • Sean Young … Rachael, Deckard’s love interest and, unknown to her, a replicant
  • Edward James Olmos … Gaff, a police officer who might know more about Deckard than he lets on
  • M. Emmet Walsh … Bryant, Deckard’s former boss
  • Daryl Hannah … Pris, replicant and love interest of Roy
  • William Sanderson … J.F. Sebastian, a genetic designer working for Tyrell.
  • Brion James … Leon Kowalski, a replicant who does not appear to be the sharpest knife in the drawer
  • Joe Turkel … Dr. Eldon Tyrell, creator of the replicants, captain of industry, and creepy “uncle” to Rachael
  • Joanna Cassidy … Zhora, replicant with a thing for snakes
  • James Hong … Hannibal Chew, another Tyrell Corporation genetic engineer
  • Morgan Paull … Dave Holden, another Blade Runner who ends up in a long-term ironic relationship with a breathing machine


Sources: imdb and wikipedia

Edit: Typos

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