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February 7, 2013


The character Rachael appears in both Blade Runner and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? on which the film was based. However, there are rather significant differences between the way Rachael is portrayed in these media.

You might be tempted to make some connections between Rachael in Blade Runner and her name sake (or רָחֵל if you prefer) in The Book of Genesis. It might be significant that the Biblical Rachael pulled the old switcheroo on Jacob (later her husband) with her sister Leah. So there’s the question of personal identity staring us in the face again. It might also be important that the weeping of the Biblical Rachael for her children is proverbial (see below), in stark contrast to Rachael in Blade Runner (and Androids) who might be a little short on empathy (and perhaps personhood because of this fact).


Finally, readers of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? should be amused to learn, if they did not already know, that Rachael’s name means “ewe,” that is “female sheep.” Other connections are certainly up for grabs too.

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