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Gilbert Ryle on Consciousness

February 11, 2013

Gilbert Ryle was a pioneering figure in the philosophy of mind, and he exercised a massive influence on the history of 20th century in philosophy, in part through his own writings – such as The Concept of Mind, in part through his role as editor of (what is still) one of the premier journals of philosophy, Mind, and in part through supervising students such as Dan Dennett. Dennett himself has some interesting things to say about Ryle in his own autobiographical work. Ryle’s approach (and Dennett’s) has come under heavy fire because, it is thought,  he did not make enough room for consciousness. Of course, you’ll have to make up your own mind about that. Here is the first part of an interview with Ryle.

The other four parts are easy to find on YouTube. By the way, Ryle has what I take to be a very dry sense of humor. You have to work to get it, but he’s very funny.



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