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Delfino and Sheahan on the Metaphysics of The Terminator

February 20, 2013

Robert Delfino and Kenneth Sheahan take issues with the metaphysics of The Terminator:

Humans are addicted to metaphysical questions. Movies like The Terminator thrill us, in part, because they put flesh, blood, and special effects on metaphysical questions. Really, would you rather read what Aristotle has to say about the nature of time or watch Arnold Schwarzenegger travel through time and blow up everything in his path in 5.1 surround sound?

Many things happen in films that are impossible in the real world, or that at least seem impossible. So we must often suspend our disbelief to enjoy a film. Still, there is only so much disbelief we can suspend before a movie starts to bother us. For example, finding a flaw in the storyline itself will often detract from our enjoyment of it – at least to some degree.

Unfortunately, from the perspective of metaphysics, there is a serious flaw in The Terminator which pretty much ruins the storyline. This may seem excessively picky, but we ask you to reserve judgment until you hear our arguments.

Read the rest at The Philosophers Magazine.


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