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Come With Me If You Want To Live (Forever)

March 14, 2013


Well, okay, not me. And not Arnold. But John Martin Fischer might be some help.

Announcements of a well-funded research project at a major university often elicit, welcome or not, professional and amateur advice. But those messages usually don’t recount a dead cat’s spirit flitting into the afterlife.

UC Riverside philosophy professor John Martin Fischer has been besieged with hundreds of such unusual missives for the last few months as word spread that he had won a $5-million grant to study something that, in the end, is probably unknowable: immortality.

Under his direction, scientists and theologians will be digging into such mysteries as whether humans should even aspire to eternal life in this world or another — and whether everlasting might just prove to be ever-boring.

Check it out in the Los Angeles Times. Fischer is, by the way, an excellent philosopher, and this project is no joke.

One Comment
  1. Seth Rodgers permalink

    In response to neurosurgeon Eban Alexander’s experiences with the afterlife, the article quotes a neurologist as saying that “such hallucinations can have spiritual meaning but ‘cannot provide evidence for the existence of any metaphysical beings or places. They provide evidence only of the brain’s power to create them.'”

    Can’t we apply that logic to absolutley everything? “The fact that we experience trees does not porvide evidence for the existence of trees. It provides evidence only of the brain’s power to create them.”

    Is it just me, or is that logic really dumb?

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