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Philip K. Dick’s The Minority Report

April 6, 2013

minority report

The film Minority Report was based – as so many interesting sci-fi films are – on a short story by Philip K. Dick called “The Minority Report.” I’m not sure why the definite article disappeared between the short story and the film. Anyhow, here’s the opening few paragraphs:

The first thought that Anderton had when he saw the young man was: I’m getting bald. Bald and fat and old. But he didn’t say it aloud. Instead, he pushed back his chair, got to his feet, and came resolutely around the  side of his desk, his right hand rigidly extended. Smiling with forced amiability, he shook hands with the young man.

“Witwer?” he asked, managing to make this query sound gracious. “That’s right,” the young man said. “But my name’s Ed to you, of course. That is, if you share my dislike for needless formality.” The look on his blond, overly-confident face showed that he considered the matter settled. It would be Ed and John: Everything would be agreeably cooperative right from the start.

“Did you have much trouble finding the building?” Anderton asked guardedly, ignoring the too-friendly overture. Good god, he had to hold on to something. Fear touched him as he began to sweat. Witwer was moving around the office as if he already owned it — as if he were measuring it for size. Couldn’t he wait a couple of days — a decent interval?

“No trouble,” Witwer answered blithely, his hands in his pockets. Eagerly, he examined the voluminous files that lined the wall. “I’m not coming into your agency blind, you understand. I have quite a few ideas of my own about the way Precrime is run.”

You can read the whole thing here. Anyone out there happen to know who to credit for the cover art of Volume IV of The Collected Short Stories of Philip K. Dick (above)?


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