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Minority Report: What’s the Deal with Pools?

April 7, 2013


Right, so what’s the deal with pools in this film? And what’s the deal with people getting abducted at pools?

  • Sean is kidnapped at a swimming pool in Baltimore (the Francis public pool in West End, to be precise).
  • Angela leaps out of her spooky nutrient pool and grabs John, before starting with all the can-you-see business.
  • John returns the favor and kidnaps Angela from her pool at Precrime Central.
  • The spiders almost nab John while he’s hiding in his ice bath (not exactly a pool, but still).

There’s even a part in the script that didn’t make it into the film which involves a pool. During the long chase scene (Everybody runs!), John drops one of his pursuers into the drink – where he is frozen solid.

Anderton swings Price against the blocks, the lithography
pool approaching now. Anderton shakes loose the agent who
drops, lands on a CHASSIS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE POOL, sinks
into the lithographer surface… and SUBMERGES!

Anderton hangs from the crane as now the LASERS FIRE into the
pool. A moment later the chassis re-emerges. We see A HAND,
like a giant hood ornament as it’s lifted from the pool by a
huge robotic arm and carried away.

You might throw in the fact that Anne Lively (“Lively” – get it?) is drowned in a few feet of water.

And, by the way, we never do learn who kidnapped Sean. Does it matter? Much of the film is about lack of anonymity. Retinal scanning technology allows one to be recognized almost everywhere one goes. Even one’s plans for the future (at least if they involve murder) are not secret. Sean’s kidnapper is just about the only person who isn’t IDed in the film.


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