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From Eternity to Here

April 23, 2013


Those of you who want to follow up on the idea of time and have a little bit of physics knowledge to spare might want to check out From Eternity to Here, by Sean Carroll. A few critical discussions can be found here, here, and here. A brief excerpt from the piece in the Chronicle for Higher Education:

We revisit black holes, learning how they are related to gravity and entropy; string theory makes an appearance; and we learn more about current ideas of the ways a universe can be produced, or crunch, or bounce.

It is so easy to suspend your disbelief in following Carroll’s argument that you don’t notice that this book has stealthily started to bend your grey matter into the shape of a theoretical physicist’s. By this stage, your brain will be able to seriously contemplate ideas on the frontiers of our knowledge, from multiple universes to baby universes (and Carroll is honest enough to point out that the latter is his favourite idea, rather than an accepted theory).

This is a privileged tour through not only the Universe, but also the absolute state-of-the-art thinking about it. The blurb on the back of the book claims that this is the “radical new history of time”. So don’t buy the brief version; get this one instead.


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